theForger's Win32 API Programming Tutorial


  1. Getting Started
  2. A Simple Window
  3. Handling Messages
  4. The Message Loop
  5. Using Resources
  6. Menus and Icons
  7. Dialog Boxes
  8. Modeless Dialogs
  9. Standard Controls
  10. Dialog FAQ
Creating a simple application
  1. Creating controls at runtime
  2. Files and the common dialogs
  3. Tool and Status bars
  4. Multiple Document Interface
Graphics Device Interface
  1. Bitmaps and Device Contexts
  2. Transparency
  3. Timers and Animation
  4. Text, Fonts and Colours
Tools and Documentation
  1. References
  2. Free Visual C++
  1. Solutions to Common Errors
  2. API vs. MFC
  3. Resource file notes

Free Visual C++ 2008

Getting It

After version 2.0 of the tutorial was written, Microsoft has subsequently made it so easy to download their C++ development environment that it's no longer even worth writing instructions for.

Download Free VC++ 2008

This should far and away be your first choice for a Win32 development environment. It's free, it's complete, it is superbly documented by Microsoft and third party authors, and is widely supported by the Win32 community.

From the Visual Studio Express FAQ: You are even allowed to use it for commercial purposes.

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